Regulate Audits and Streamline Operations

An auditing solution designed for excellence. Equipped with prebuilt checklists, corrective action logs,task scheduling, and more.

The All-in-One Auditing Software
for Businesses

Take control of your audits with complete flexibility. GIA+ (Global Internal Audits Plus) offers intuitive workflows, pre-built checklists, centralized recordkeeping, and powerful data visualization. With full user visibility, enhancing your audit score becomes effortless.

Pre-set Internal Audits


Choose from our diverse collection of audit templates equipped with comprehensive checklists. Setup custom workflows and standardize processes across all locations, ensuring clarity on tasks, methods, and timelines for everyone involved.

Track Audit Progress


Build an auditor team and schedule tasks based on skills and qualifications. Keep the team informed on findings and corrective action, reviews, and due dates. Monitor audit progress with the “Percentage Completed” metric for enhanced efficiency and transparency.

Manage Corrective Action


Maintain a comprehensive corrective action log that
diligently monitors crucial tasks. Document the initiation date, findings based on criteria, plans for corrective actions, designated responsible individuals, and the completion date for each corrective measure

Internal Audit Planner


Develop a well-organized audit schedule that prioritizes all planned audits and provides a visual calendar view. Adjust the timeline as needed to accommodate any changes or updates.

Why Choose GIA+?

With nearly 20 years of quality audit expertise, GIA+ understands the vital role of audit compliance in mitigating risks and safeguarding people. A powerful technology solution designed by audit experts to streamline the compliance process.

Some of the Audits in
our Portfolio

GIA+ helps businesses schedule and complete internal audits to meet global standards of compliance.

Enabling businesses to gain a holistic understanding of their operational performance and areas for improvement throughout the year.

Staff Training

Ensure up-to-date practices and guidelines, leading to improved safety and business performance.

Health & Safety

Proactively identify hazards, reduce incidents, enhance workplace satisfaction, and improve healthcare quality.

Infection Control

Monitor infections and enhance infection control practices, resulting in improved public health and a safer environment.


Ensure your processes adheres to all relevant regulations, standards, and safety protocols.

Before GIA+


Insufficient inspections, infrequent communication and resolution of issues, and ambiguous responsibilities.


Endless paperwork, spreadsheets, or time consuming process with manual forms and reports

Zero Transparency

Data is disorganized and lacks coherence, making it challenging to obtain meaningful insights and maintain schedules.

After GIA+

Accelerated Audits

Streamlined inspections, decisive findings, and accelerated corrective action implementation

Effortless Synchronization

From field teams to management, seamless coordination ensures everyone is well-informed about their tasks, deadlines, and responsibilities.

Centralized Real-Time Data

Streamline audits and corrective action processes to resolve issues quickly, identify trends, and gain valuable insights.