GIA+: Powered by HCSL


Founded in 2004 by its CEO, Gillian Robinson, who possesses over three decades of management experience spanning diverse industries, Healthcare Compliance Solutions Ltd (HCSL) has earned a reputation for excellence in quality systems and policies.


Recognizing the challenges of achieving compliance during audits, we offer comprehensive tools and expert guidance, including management and staff coaching, to facilitate optimal audit outcomes.


Our commitment extends beyond mere compliance; HCSL systems are designed to enhance productivity and efficiency, propelling our clients towards achieving excellence.

How does GIA+ help your business?

Streamlined Audit Management


At GIA+, our core mission is to help organizations achieve operational excellence through effective internal audits. We are dedicated to enhancing quality, managing risks, and ensuring compliance.


By providing valuable insights for informed decision-making, we contribute to continuous improvement and build stakeholder confidence. Our goal is to support organizations in maintaining integrity, efficiency, and sustained success.

Constant Evolution


We consistently incorporate new features to adapt the system in line with evolving client and industry requirements.


This ongoing process is fueled by client feedback and suggestions, and each update is carefully assessed for its potential to simplify tasks, enhance efficiency, and provide valuable information, ultimately saving time and improving usability.