GIA+ Internal Auditing


Select from a wide range of predefined internal audits and oversee compliance with dynamic dashboards. Maintain a record of your discoveries, identify issues in real-time, track corrective actions, mitigate risks, and optimize your processes for better safety and operational efficiency.


Conduct internal quality audits efficiently, oversee infection prevention, medication management, equipment handling, chemical management, complaints handling, cleaning and laundry, along with a diverse range of other assessments.

Streamlined workflows facilitate progress tracking and task completion effortlessly.

Access data swiftly and conveniently with centralized record-keeping.

Real-time insights into audit completion for timely decision-making.

Complies with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, Te Whatu Ora (Health) Funding agreements’, and NZS8134:2021 Nga paerewa Health and Disability Services Standard.

The Ultimate Audit Management Solution


GIA+ is a powerful internal audit software that can be used in healthcare, manufacturing, education, and hospitality industries. It facilitates audits to improve risk management, enhance controls, identify issues, and find opportunities for efficiency.

Internal Audit Log


Standardize processes across your business and store all ongoing internal audits in a single, centralized platform. Enabling instant access to vital information such as opening or closing dates, responsible personnel, and audit completion status to make better decisions.


Leverage intelligent search capabilities to generated detailed print reports using specific date ranges, responsible individuals, or audit codes, to effortlessly streamline internal audit administration.

Internal Audit Checklist


GIA+ provides a robust and secure solution for daily audit management, instantly obtain detailed insights and standardized checklists for audit compliance, prevent incidents and comply with regulatory requirements.


Build a team of auditors to evaluate current operations against audit criteria and assign corrective action to users based on skills and qualifications. Guided by accurate data, your team can generate print reports, receive visual cues for task completion, and view the audit status update with each fulfilled criteria

Internal Audit Planner


Empower your teams to collaborate more effectively towards common goals. Easily organize audit schedules and frequency using the configurable calendar interface.


Choose designated months for completing audits and make updates with a simple click, allowing you to monitor audit progress and ensure plan compliance. Filter out data by audit code, name, and audit month, for instant access to crucial timeline insights.

Corrective Action Log


Monitor your teams, mitigate risk, and gain visibility on the progress and results of auditing and inspections.


Track resolutions in real time through an interactive dashboard linking corrective actions with audit criteria. Easily manage findings, task assignees, and add corrective actions on the spot for newly identified issues, so that nothing falls through the cracks. GIA+ also provides visual cues for pending tasks and streamlined filtering options for convenient access.

User Management


No more paper forms, spreadsheets or manual reports. With standardized checklists, digital schedules, and regular internal inspections, managing your team of auditors and personnel becomes effortless.


Easily onboard new users and set up their access levels to perform different tasks, including adding, editing, or viewing internal audits, viewing and printing reports, managing internal audit schedules, assigning corrective action, and more.

Real-time Visibility


Gain real-time insights into your operations through collected data. Keep track of the number of completed audits, monitor performance across various locations or teams, adhere to internal protocols, and make informed decisions to achieve audit compliance and elevate your business and operations.

Internal Audit Inspections

We offer 30+ pre-approved templates you can choose from.

Admission Internal Audit

Annual Review - Education Programme

Annual Review - Health and Safety

Annual Review - Restraint Approval Group

Annual Review - Quality Goals and Objectives

Annual Review-Infection Prevention and Anti microbial Stewardship

Care Plan and Resident File internal Audit

Chemical Management Internal Audit

Cleaning and Laundry Internal Audit

Complaints Management Internal Audit

Cultural Safety and Spiritual Beliefs Internal Audit

Falls Management and Neurological Obs Internal Audit

Footwear Internal Audit

Health and Safety ,Environment and Equipment Internal Audit

Hygiene and Grooming Internal Audit

Infection Prevention and Anti-microbial Stewardship Internal Audit

Kitchen - Dietary / Nutrition

Kitchen - Infection prevention and safety

Kitchen - Quality over-view

Maintenance - Village - Swimming pool complex

Maintenance Monthly

Maintenance Village

Maintenance Wheelchairs

Medication Management Internal Audit

Mini Clinical Record Internal Audit

Pressure Injury Prevention Internal Audit

Privacy and Our Rights Internal Audits

Progress Notes Internal audit

Recreational / Diversional Therapy - Activities Internal Audit

Restraint Internal Audit

Room Equipment Check

Staff files and Training Internal Audit

Weight and Nutrition Internal Audit

Wound and Skin Care Internal Audit